Removals and furniture

Insurance solutions for the removal and furniture sectors

The SCHUNCK GROUP has for more than four decades been one of the leading providers of insurance solutions for furniture removers and removal firms as well as their customers.

Our specialists and insurance experts are constantly analysing the removal and insurance market and developing, in collaboration with clients and cooperating companies, special insurance solutions for the removal sector.

Internationally, the SCHUNCK GROUP cooperates with the international associations FIDI and OMNI as well as, domestically, with the removal cooperatives UTS Deutschland and DMG.

What solutions does the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

The SCHUNCK GROUP offers furniture removers insurance cover tailored to their specific company risk situation and which rests on the insurance solutions below. From us you can get more comprehensive insurance cover, which also starts earlier and ends later than in the usual insurance policies on the market.


Combined carriage of goods liability insurance and shipping insurance

This insurance solution insures the carriage of goods liability of the removal firm under the statutory regulations. In addition, haulage, freight and storage contracts outside of the removal operations are included in the insurance policy. The inclusion of extra removal goods transport insurance is likewise possible.

Combined carriage of goods liability and business liability insurance

With this insurance solution, all liability risks of the removal firm are cover with one policy. They get wall-to-wall coverage since in that way coverage gaps as well as double insurance (concurrent policies) are effectively avoided.

Removal transport insurance

Registration of a removal transport insurance policy is done online with simultaneous issuance of the insurance documents. A specialty of this insurance solution consists of the different cover modules which can be selected depending on the individual risk.

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By means of the most modern IT tools and the use of API interfaces we make fully automatic registration and claims processes possible in order to minimise redundant administrative steps. Insurance registrations are, for instance, transmitted via an IT interface to the SCHUNCK GROUP and insurance documents are issued at the press of a button. In a claims case, the remover can report his claim in a few steps by app and can at any time see the processing status. Altogether, communication is enormously simplified and claims processing becomes quicker and more efficient.

What do typical risk situations for the furniture remover look like?

On the basis of statutory regulations, furniture removers are liable to the removal party for damages occurring during fulfilment of the removal contract.

Personal effects are subject to quite a few risks during a removal. This starts with the dismantling process and continues through packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. Not only the removal items themselves can be damaged but third-party property like the landlord’s stairs, walls and floors as well. In international removals there is the added factor of using different transport means and frequently heightened strains on the goods. A container going by sea from Hamburg to Shanghai is subjected to several tens of thousands of vibrations and in addition goes through different climate zones.

What does a typical example of damage in furniture transport look like?

Domestic removal

A removal firm takes on the entire removal of a family. In carrying a wall mirror that is five years up the stairs to the first floor, an employee of the removal firm lets the heavy mirror slip out of his hands, damaging the newly laid parquet floor and breaking the mirror. This results in costs for replacing the parquet in the amount of euro 520 and well as for replacement of the mirror costing euro 800. The remover is legally liable for these damages, however for the mirror only up to euro 300 (current value).

Business liability insurance covers the damage to the parquet to the full extent. Carriage of goods liability insurance covers the current value liability for damage to the mirror in the amount of euro 300. If the removal party had taken out removal transport insurance at replacement value the party would have received the entire replacement cost.

International removal

A businessman moves for business reasons from Hamburg to San Francisco. During transport of the two containers, the ship runs into a severe storm in the North Atlantic. A container with his car falls overboard. The second container reaches the businessman’s premises undamaged. Because he is not there, the removal goods are unpacked by the local removal partner. In the following night a break-in occurs and a home cinema system worth euro 15,000 is stolen.

The value of the vehicle is replaced. But the removal party must pay for the costs for a rental car in the first days at the destination since the removal firm is not liable for such costs for consequential damages to goods. For the stolen home cinema system, the removal firm is not liable either because the removal was completed at the time of the theft.

Both the consequential damages as well as the theft of the home cinema system could have been insured with a removal transport insurance policy.

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