Pension plans

Pension plans

Pension plans and welfare strategies, whether company ones or private ones, are important subjects and the bases that inform the corporate culture of every company. Your company stands for quality. Your employees every day do their best. These attributes should be permanently promoted.

The pension plans management centre of the SCHUNCK GROUP serves to secure retirement, survival and health insurance. This applies to owners, management as well as to all employees.
The SCHUNCK GROUP is a partner you can always rely up-on. „Make it simple“ describes our philosophy and with this claim we would like to motivate you to engage our services. We support and advise you competently in these subjects:

Director of the Pension Fund Management Compe-tence Centre

Achim Schneider

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Company pensions

The company pension is an institution that provides your company and your employees with a series of advantages.

Company health insurance

Make your company attractive. Take care of the health of your employees.

Private Pensions

In order to ensure their standard of living in retirement as well, private pensions become all the more important for old age. That is why hedging a retirement pension becomes urgently necessary.

Private health insurance

There are many diseases. But you only have one health. That is why you must keep it, whether with private full-coverage health insurance or with public health insurance backed up with private health insurance.

SCHUNCKvital – Making employee health simple

The growing shortage of qualified professionals makes it all the more expensive for companies to find and retain a suitable, qualified and motivated workforce. The attractiveness of the employer now plays an ever-growing role.

Special solutions

For specified sectors and types of corporations we offer special solutions in pension management.

What do typical risk situations in pension management look like?

Inadequate or non-existent individual pensions frequently entail a lowering of the standard of living in old age down to an inadequate or unsatisfactory level. Even the national health plan regularly reduces its benefits. The result: additional payments for visits to the doctor, medications, etc.

What scenarios could play out?

  • An existing pension commitment was not reviewed for a long period of time. The wording of the pension commitment no longer tallies with the current statutes and regulations.
  • The commitment is underfunded.
  • There is no protection against insolvency.
  • The existing pension does not suffice in old age in order to maintain the accustomed living standard.
  • The benefits of the national health plan do not suffice for adequate dental replacement.
  • An executive or an employee in an important position becomes seriously ill, or is out sick for a protracted period of time, which results in continued payment of salary, recruitment of a replacement of loss of sales.
  • Occupational invalidity, it can happen to anyone! Occupational invalidity is among the greatest and most crucial risks in life. If you should become ill and are no longer able to exercise your profession you incur extensive financial shortfalls or losses.

What solutions does the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

The SCHUNCK GROUP produces individual pension plan support strategies with the best possible government allowances.

An extract from the detailed benefits:

  • Consulting on the specific methods of implementation: direct insurance pension funds, pension commitments, welfare funds
  • Introduction and implementation of company retirement pensions in the company
  • Deployment of various welfare funds
  • TSL – The welfare fund for the transport and logistics sector
  • VWKH – The welfare fund for medical care occupations
  • Company occupational disability insurance (including without a physical examination)
  • Analysis of existing pension plan structures
  • Consulting for owners and managing directors or officers
  • Employee information events and counselling
  • Evaluation and setup of group contracts
  • Reviewing and supplemental financing of pension commitments
  • Limitation of financial risk in case of illness or death of an important person in the company
  • Implementation of a company health insurance scheme (including without a physical examination)
  • Company pension plan risk management

our experts will be happy to advise you – competently and independently.