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As a service to its clients, the SCHUNCK GROUP provides IT solutions especially tailored to the particular sector and customer requirement needs. Our IT solutions extend from vehicle fleet management systems up to and including software for claims adjustment or for artwork management. Our state-of-the-art IT solutions are developed and constantly adapted by qualified IT experts with many years of sector know-how.

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MySCHUNCK – user friendliness made simple

With MySCHUNCK ( we are setting new standards in regard to digital contract and insurance management as well as user friendliness. MySCHUNCK makes the complex world of insurance easier to understand and is simple, easily surveyed, fast and safe.

MySCHUNCK guarantees SCHUNCK clients mobile access to all insurance records and insurance documents, including on equipment with different operating systems and is multilingual as well.


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EPAS & Mover-Web

IT solution for reporting of shipments to be insured

Target group: Haulers, furniture movers and freight forwarders

In the freight and haulage sector every minute counts. It is all the more important to immediately get insurance cover for a shipment. EPAS & mover-web offers:

  • Independent coverage of all shipments around the clock, the accompanying documents can be made available at once
  • Immediate premium calculation
  • Quick and simple assessment of all data through extensive reporting functions
  • EPAS and mover-web are available in German and English
Certificates Web

IT solution to produce insurance certificates

Target group: Haulers, freight forwarders

Certifying documents for the existing insurance cover are still very important for many shipments. Certificate web offers:

  • Independent production and forwarding of accompanying documents as an insurance certificate, regardless of time and place
  • A complete overview of all certificates already produced
  • The certificate web is available in German and in English

IT solutions for claims processing

Target group: Haulers, freight forwarders

Even with a great amount of care damages can never be completely avoided. With PHOENIX, SCHUNCK provides an IT solution with which shipping and carriage of goods liability claims can be reported online and conveniently administered.

PHOENIX offers:

  • Simple recording, management and assessment of claims
  • Claim analyses for quotes, progress, policy debiting and premiums
  • Permanent access to the current status of claims processing and payout
  • Rapid processing due to direct input and allocation to a claims number
  • PHOENIX is available in German and in English

IT solution for your fleet management

Target group: Haulers, freight forwarders, works traffic firms

Whether it be insurance cover, registration or claims adjustment: The SKM Web encompasses all essential functions for management of your motor vehicle insurance.

SKM Web offers:

  • Access to data relevant to all motor vehicle insurance
  • Quick registration and de-registration of all motor vehicles in the system, including a status survey, due to constantly updated vehicle lists
  • Uncomplicated online claims reporting for each vehicle with access to the particular processing status as well as claims analyses on quotes, progress, policy-debiting and premiums
  • Simple management option of own damage claims in connection with the deductible as well as of self-regulated liability claims
  • Deductible as well as self-regulated liability claims
SCHUNCK FleetManager (SFM)

IT solution for fleet management

Target group: Haulers, freight forwarders, works traffic firms

It is easier to drive without reams of paper: with SFM, developed especially for SCHUNCK, users benefit from efficient fleet management. Unambiguous structures and user-friendly functions make complete fleet management possible with only a single programme:

  • Quick registration and de-registration of vehicles in the system, including a status survey due to constantly updated vehicle lists
  • Convenient tools for scheduling, documentation, cost control, assessment and communication
  • Interfaces to toll systems and fuel card providers
  • Precise claims analyses to support risk management
  • Integration of all technical insurance data

IT solution for artworks

Target group: Museums, private art collectors, corporate collections, art galleries, auction houses, art transport firms

artSecur® gives artworks a safe framework. In that way, collections can be safely managed, in particular during shipment to exhibitions or in museums.

artSecur® offers:

  • Functionalities for management and cataloguing of artworks
  • An overview of the entire art collection
  • Convenient insurance registration for artworks, exhibitions and shipments with deposit of the loan agreement.
  • artSecur® is Available in German, English and French

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