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SCHUNCK International

SCHUNCK International

An extensive and custom-tailored insurance cover at home and abroad is indispensable for companies active multinationally.

Globally active companies must cope with many factors of uncertainty such as, for instance, the particular economic policy framework conditions as well as the different legal and liability systems in foreign countries. In risk hedging with insurance as well there are diverse requirements (keyword: compliance) to be taken into account. In addition, individual ideas and needs of a company must be balanced against a number of different insurers with the most variegated insurance solutions and modules as well as systems of business terms.

Here, SCHUNCK is the right choice since we as insurance brokers working for, and in the interests of, our clients design and carry out custom-tailored solutions for worldwide operating companies. Together we investigate the concrete needs of clients and define the requirements in order to design the corresponding insurance solutions, in compliance with regulatory and insurance law regulations in the various countries, of course. We likewise check regularly to see whether adjustments are needed.

We rely on personal consulting on site by our local partners who know the mentality and the language and who also provide local support in case of claims.

We create transparency by using web-based solutions with 24/7 access to defined reports such as police surveys, visit reports, etc.


Proximity to the customer is important to us. Besides our own subsidiaries in Austria, Spain and Hungary, SCHUNCK is a member of the two major global broker networks Globex and unisonSteadfast and in that way ensures worldwide onsite servicing for clients operating worldwide.

unisonSteadfast with more than 590 highly qualified broker members in more than 130 countries and with 22,000 employees generating gross premium volumes of more than US$ 20 billion, constitute the numerically largest network of insurance brokers worldwide.

Since September 2018 SCHUNCK has also been a member of unisonSteadfast and has even more influence as shareholders on actively determining policy.

Head of International Business

Alexander Kraus

+49 89 38177-134


Worldwide servicing

Coordination of highly qualified regulatory law compliant cross-border insurance solutions.


Many years of experience and profound knowledge of local and international insurance markets.

Sector expertise

Professional broker services for all industry sectors with specialised sub-networks (e.g., “logistics broker network”).

Structure and reporting

Proven working processes, adjusted to client and partner needs as well as IT based global reporting via an extranet.

Account management

Committed account management teams on site for ongoing coordination of foreign servicing.