Forwarder’s & carrier’s liability insurance

Forwarder’s & carrier’s liability insurance

Carrier’s liability insurance offers the policyholder protection for its operations as hauler, freight forwarder or warehouser in his capacity as contractor.

The policyholder can only invoke the advantages of the Standard German Haulage Terms (ADSp), in particular the liability limitations provided for in them, if he has taken out the corresponding carrier’s liability insurance. This is in particular relevant for the warehouser because otherwise he is faced with unlimited liability.

For the freight forwarder or hauler acting for his own account and carrying out inner-German roadway goods transport with a vehicle of over 3.5 tons (maximum), carrier’s liability insurance in addition constitutes mandatory insurance whose absence can entail significant fines and revocation of his business permit.

What do the typical risk situations of carrier’s liability insurance look like?

Carrier’s liability insurance offers insurance cover for the liability of the freight forwarder, hauler or warehouser in relation to their clients, in particular for loss and damage of the goods entrusted to him as well as for exceeding the delivery date. But even „pure financial damages,“ that is, such damages as are not due to any loss of or damage to the carriage goods, are basically insured.

What do typical examples of claims in carriage of goods insurance look like?

  • Damage to the carriage goods due to an accident caused by the freight forwarder
  • Loss of the carriage or warehoused goods due to theft
  • Faulty loading by the freight forwarder
  • Tardy delivery of the carriage goods at the destination
  • Mislabelling or mishandling by the hauler or warehouser

What solutions does the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

The SCHUNCK GROUP offers its clients modern carriage of goods insurance solutions to cover their risks. The best-known product is our SLVS-Plus for haulers and logistics companies as well as the freight forwarder policy (Europe Plus) for freight forwarders. In addition to that, we offer an entire range of special solutions, such as for removal firms or heavy goods movers. It goes without saying that the insurance cover can be tailored to the individual risk situation of the client (e.g., under logistics contracts).

Special features of the SCHUNCK carriage liability policies.

The insurance terms as well as the limits of the insurance benefits can be designed according to needs. The insurance cover of the standard carriage of good liability policy goes beyond statutory liability and includes the following extra benefits:

  • Costs of towing, disposal and destruction of the damaged goods
  • Extra transport costs due to wrong delivery

Additional services of the SCHUNCK GROUP

  • Scrutiny of freight, haulage, warehousing and logistics contracts in connection with the insurance coverage.
  • Active risk management in cooperation with the client for damage prevention and limitation
  • Active recourse assistance to spare using up policies
  • International insurance solutions

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