Transport insurance solutions for protective clothing shipments from the Far East

Special times require special and quick solutions. In order to meet the rising demand for protective clothing and to facilitate the transport process for urgently needed goods, the SCHUNCK GROUP via its insurance underwriter, ATRALOsecur GmbH, is offering for logistics companies, merchandise importers and insurance brokers extensive transport insurance solutions for transports of protective clothing largely imported to Europe from China.

The transport of protective masks, mouth guards, protective clothing, disinfectants and other goods used in connection with combating the corona virus pandemic can be insured up to an amount of euro 20 million. The insurance cover is generally provided ex loading of the aircraft up to arrival at its destination or at a distribution camp in Europe.

Coverage extensions, such as for instance prior transport in the country of manufacture, short-time storage at the airport, transport by ship or rail as well as co-insurance of confiscation risks are possible in the specific case.

All enquiries on insurance protection for such transports will be resolved by the SCHUNCK GROUP simply, quickly and on attractive conditions in cooperation with ATRALOsecur GmbH.

ATRALOsecur – Expertise and sector proximity

ATRALOsecur GmbH, the leading insurance underwriter for transport and carriage of goods liability insurance in Europe has worked out the solution in close cooperation with first-rate and large insurers. ATRALOsecur GmbH is a 100 percent owned subsidiary of the SCHUNCK GROUP and was founded in 2017. The core competence of this international insurance underwriter lies in the development of individual insurance solutions for clients in the logistics industry. Here ATRALOsecur GmbH offers complex international insurance solutions with its own power of signature and combines this with smooth and high-quality claims processing.

Are you an insurance broker and are you interested in the insurance solutions by ATRALOsecur GmbH? Please speak about this with Mr Marcus Odenthal, our expert for transport insurance. He will be happy to advise you.

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