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New collaboration partner FUMO Solutions

With FUMO Solutions GmbH we can now welcome a new collaboration partner for the SCHUNCK GROUP. In connection with this collaboration, SCHUNCK clients will now benefit from an exclusive Discount.

SCHUNCK and FUMO to collaborate

With FUMO Solutions GmbH ( we now welcome a new collaboration Partner for the SCHUNCK GROUP.

FUMO Solutions GmbH offers its customers (freight haulers, shippers and loaders) an all-round no-worry package in matters of legal certainty in transport logistics. With a modularly structured software, onsite audits and forms and reporting tailored to the sector, FUMO provides its customers with all tools needed to achieve a high degree of legal certainty on loading liability, vehicle fleet liability and carrying out business processes.

In the framework of this collaboration there will be exclusive special rates for FUMO services for SCHUNCK clients with which our clients will be able to save mor than 40 percent!

As from 16 December, SCHUNCK clients can book the new FUMO carrier coach rates for euro 29.00 (instead of euro 49.00for non-SCHUNCK clients) at the website https://www/

The rate includes FUMO Profiles, FUMO Cockpit, FUMO Coach, the new innovative knowledge specialising in vehicle fleet operators and loader liability, including the law texts that go with them and the appropriate forms. Additionally included are an expert hotline for insurance questions as well as the SCHUNCK approved seal.

SCHUNCK approved – well insured

The SCHUNCK approved seal is a quality seal that confirms for the individual FUMO Profiles adequate insurance cover for their liability under haulage, transport and storage contracts. The grant of the seal is free of charge in connection with the FUMO carrier coach rates.

The qualification is given for non-SCHUNCK customers via a questionnaire lodged in the FUMO Profiles and filled out on a self-disclosure basis. The SCHUNCK approved seal is given to companies meeting the minimum standards for quality criteria on the questionnaire.

Quality criteria:

  • Reliable contract partner
  • Good insurance protection
  • First-rate insurer (with good credit-worthiness)
  • German court jurisdiction
  • Compliance with EU mandated sanctions audits

In addition to the standard variant of the quality seal, there is also a premium version subject to a fee. This premium quality seal is awarded on the basis of a comprehensive insurance check by SCHUNCK experts. The insurance check in turn also comprises business liability and motor vehicle insurance in addition to transport and carriage of goods liability insurance.

Further information on the collaboration can be found on the FUMO website.
Your SCHUNCK customer consultant will be happy to help you with any Questions.

About FUMO

A central element in the FUMO solutions is the system of FUMO Profiles. This functions as a digital calling card on which the evidence and licences audited by FUMO for plausibility are quickly and simply made visible by means of a traffic light system. This calling card has now been expanded into the SCHUNCK approved seal so that not only legally compatible working is visible but also the insurance protection shown by the Profile in question.

Florian Janz, managing director of FUMO Solutions GmbH, says of the collaboration: „We are very happy that in SCHUNCK we have found a partner that has for many years now contributed to shaping the logistics sector and is a leader in the sector in matters of insurance. With such a partner, the quality seal is absolutely credible and offers customers an absolute added value.“

Collaboration with FUMO has helped to give SCHUNCK clients a premium-class digital calling card and to assisting them, with the FUMO Compliance Management System, in attaining the greatest possible degree of legal certainty.

For further information, your SCHUNCK customer representative will be happy to assist you further.

You can find further information on this collaboration in our flyer [LINK] and at ttps://

SCHUNCK – more than just insured.