Fumo Solutions

New business partner: FUMO Solutions

We are pleased to welcome FUMO Solutions GmbH as a new business partner for the SCHUNCK GROUP. SCHUNCK customers benefit from an exclusive discount as part of the collaboration.

FUMO Solutions GmbH ( offers its customers (carriers, forwarding agents and shippers) an all-inclusive hassle-free package in terms of legal security in transport logistics. With modular software, on-site audits, and a form management and reporting system tailored to the industry, FUMO provides customers with all the tools they need to achieve complete legal certainty in shipper liability, fleet liability and business process management.

As part of the collaboration, SCHUNCK customers will be offered an exclusive special rate for FUMO solutions with savings of 40 percent!

SCHUNCK customers can book the new FUMO tariff FUMO Carrier Coach on the FUMO website at the price of EUR 29.00 (instead of EUR 49.00 for non-SCHUNCK customers).

The tariff includes the FUMO Profile, the FUMO Cockpit, the FUMO Coach, the innovative new knowledge base specialising in fleet owner and shipper liability, including the relevant legal texts and the appropriate forms. An expert hotline for insurance questions and the SCHUNCK approved seal are also included.

SCHUNCK approved – excellent insurance coverage

The “SCHUNCK approved” seal is a quality seal confirming that the individual FUMO profiles have adequate insurance cover for their liability from forwarding, transport and storage contracts. The seal is awarded free of charge as part of the FUMO Carrier Coach tariff.

For non-SCHUNCK customers, qualification is carried out using a questionnaire that is stored in the FUMO Profiles and is filled out by self-disclosure. The SCHUNCK approved seal is awarded to companies that meet the minimum standard of the quality criteria in the questionnaire.

Quality criteria:

  • Reliable contractor
  • Good insurance cover
  • First-class insurer (with high credit rating)
  • Place of jurisdiction in Germany
  • Compliance with prescribed EU sanction tests

In addition to the standard version of the quality seal, there is also a premium version for a fee. This premium quality seal is awarded on the basis of a comprehensive insurance check by SCHUNCK experts. This insurance check includes transport and traffic liability insurance, as well as public liability and motor vehicle insurance.

Further information on the collaboration can be found on the FUMO website.
Your SCHUNCK customer consultant will be happy to help you with any Questions.

About FUMO

The central element of FUMO solutions is the FUMO Profile. It functions as a digital business card on which the proofs and licences checked for plausibility by FUMO can be seen quickly and easily by means of a traffic light system. The SCHUNCK approved seal is now being added to this business card to make not only the legally compliant work but also the excellent insurance protection of the respective profile visible.

Florian Janz, Managing Director of FUMO Solutions GmbH, says about the collaboration: “We are very pleased that in SCHUNCK we have found a partner who has played a major role in shaping the logistics industry for many years and is a leader in the field of insurance. With such a partner, the quality seal is absolutely credible and offers customers absolute added value.”

The collaboration with FUMO ensures that SCHUNCK customers receive a digital business card in a class of its own and help to achieve the greatest possible legal security from the FUMO Compliance Management System.

SCHUNCK – more than just insured.