MySCHUNCK - our customer's portal

100 percent customer focus – MySCHUNCK sets new standards

The SCHUNCK GROUP is fully committed to digitalisation and has published its new customer portal MySCHUNCK. It makes the complex world of insurance more comprehensible for companies and is simple, clear, fast and secure.

The SCHUNCK GROUP launched its new customer portal, MySCHUNCK (, on 29 July 2019. With MySCHUNCK, the SCHUNCK GROUP sets new standards not only in digital contract and insurance administration but also in customer friendliness. MySCHUNCK guarantees SCHUNCK customers mobile access to all their insurance records and documents – from any device and in multiple languages.

Customer benefits made simple

The new customer portal is intended to relieve the burden on SCHUNCK customers by supporting internal administrative processes with regard to insurance.

It offers digital contract management and digital reporting. Furthermore, claims can be reported quickly and easily via online forms, while claims that have already been reported can be viewed and their processing status tracked (“claims tracking”). When customers want to make a claim, they report the damage directly via their smartphone or tablet and can even upload a photo, no matter whether the claim relates to property insurance, motor vehicle damage or transport damage – all damage can be recorded via MySCHUNCK.

MySCHUNCK - Our customer portal


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Personalised start centre with damage report

The personalised dashboard of MySCHUNCK gives users an overview of the tasks to be completed, as well as DeepL access to your company structure, contracts or damages. The start centre is also the central point of access to SCHUNCK IT applications that have already been used, such as EPAS or Phoenix.

With MySCHUNCK, SCHUNCK fully complies with the requirements and wishes of its customers and is consequently taking a giant step towards a paperless Office.

Individually adaptable to customer requirements

MySCHUNCK has a flexible rights-role system, which enables SCHUNCK customers to manage the portal themselves and to adapt it to the individual needs of their company. This means that any number of users can be created and extensive permissions can be granted. For example, warehouse employees or truck drivers can be activated exclusively for the damage report function.

To use MySCHUNCK, you must be a SCHUNCK customer. SCHUNCK customers who want to use MySCHUNCK can contact their dedicated customer advisor now.

More than just insured

Innovative, self-developed IT applications and solutions have completed the SCHUNCK GROUP portfolio for more than 30 years and bring the company motto “More than just insurance” to life. Marco Gerhardt, partner at EY Innovalue, who has tested MySCHUNCK intensively, emphasises the special customer benefit that MySCHUNCK offers: “MySCHUNCK sets standards in the German industrial insurance sector in terms of intuitive user guidance and usability. It does not seem overloaded at any point and therefore constitutes a benchmark of customer friendliness in the market.”

MySCHUNCK – Insurance Management made easy!