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The SCHUNCK GROUP collaborates with the innovative tarpaulin system SCHUNCK customers benefit from an exclusive Discount.

The SCHUNCK GROUP (, Germany’s leading insurance broker for the transport and logistics industry, has been collaborating with GmbH ( since December 2018. offers an innovative alarm system for the tarpaulins on trucks and semi-trailers. SCHUNCK therefore meets customer requirements for better protection against damage and theft caused by tarpaulin slashers. SCHUNCK customers benefit from an exclusive discount.

Thomas Wicke, Managing Director of the SCHUNCK GROUP and Head of Sales, comments: “I am very pleased that we can offer our customers an increased level of security with this collaboration. As a leading insurance broker in the logistics and forwarding industry, we know that damage caused by tarpaulin slashing and related theft is increasing. Damage to the tarpaulin alone is annoying enough.

With the THEFTEX® system, has developed an innovative security system that offers cost-efficient and effective protection.” The THEFTEX® system works very simply: If a thief cuts open a truck tarpaulin to see what the truck or semi-trailer has loaded, a loud alarm signal sounds. The owner is also notified about the incident and sent details such as geo-information about the location.

SCHUNCK customers receive exclusive discount

Customers of the SCHUNCK GROUP receive exclusive discounts as part of the collaboration. For each alarm tarpaulin they order, customers receive a discount of 400 Euro. The alarm tarpaulin can be ordered via the website Our customers receive the discount by entering their customer number.

Increased safety thanks to THEFTEX

The THEFTEX® alarm system consists of three components: The control unit, the data package and the alarm system, which can be supplied in heights of 100 cm and 150 cm. It can be easily welded onto existing tarpaulins; the installation time is about 90 minutes. The flexibility of the tarpaulin is not significantly affected because the total weight is only about 22 kg.

The system has its own power supply, meaning it does not need to rely on the truck’s on-board power supply. The running time independent of an external power source is about 12 years. The THEFTEX® control unit can be delivered with various cable harnesses and can therefore also be used as a mobile alarm system to secure rear doors of vehicles with box bodies. Retrofitting of the THEFTEX® system is “De Minimis” eligible.

Andreas Gießler, Managing Director of GmbH, which was founded in 2017, is pleased about the collaboration with the Munich-based insurance broker: “With the SCHUNCK GROUP, we have a cooperation partner who has been at home in the logistics and forwarding industry for decades and knows the problems that tarpaulin slashing causes.”

SCHUNCK – more than just insured.