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Pension Management

Pension Management

Whether in the corporate or private sector, pension plans are an important subject that lay the foundations shaping the corporate culture of every company. Your company stands for quality. Your employees give their best every day. These attributes should be cultivated in the long term.

The purpose of the SCHUNCK GROUP’s Pension Management Competence Centre is to secure old-age, survivors’ and healthcare provision. This applies to owners, managers and all employees.

The SCHUNCK GROUP is a partner you can rely on at all times. “Make it easy” – this describes our philosophy and is the aspiration that we hope will encourage you to get involved with us. We offer expert advice and support in the following areas:

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Pension provision

A company pension scheme is an investment that offers your company and your employees numerous benefits.

Company health insurance

Make your company attractive. Take care of the health of your employees.

Private provision

To secure a good standard of living even at retirement age, private provision for old age is becoming increasingly important. That is why it is essential to take out a retirement pension.

Private health insurance

There are numerous illnesses, but you only have one body. It is therefore important to maintain your health – whether with private full-cost health insurance or statutory health insurance with private supplementary insurance.

SCHUNCKvital – Employee health made easy

The increasing shortage of skilled workers is making it more and more difficult for companies to find and retain suitable, qualified, motivated employees. Employer attractiveness is playing an increasingly important role in this regard.

Special solutions

We offer special pension management solutions for individual sectors and corporations.

What do typical risk situations in pension management look like?

Having insufficient or individual pension provision or no provision at all often results in the standard of living at retirement age being reduced to an insufficient and unsatisfactory level. The benefits of statutory health insurance are also being cut on a regular basis. The result? Additional charges for visiting the doctor, for medication, etc.

What scenarios could play out?

  • An existing pension commitment has not been reviewed for a long time – the wording of the pension commitment no longer complies with current laws and regulations.
  • The commitment is underfunded.
  • There is no insolvency protection.
  • The existing pension scheme is not sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living at retirement age.
  • The benefits provided by statutory health insurance are not sufficient for adequate dental prostheses.
  • A manager or an employee in an important role falls seriously ill and is off work for a very long time, resulting in costs for continued salary payments, hiring a replacement or loss of revenue.
  • Disability – anyone can be affected! Occupational disability is one of the biggest and most far-reaching risks in life: if you fall ill and can no longer work, you will suffer extensive financial losses.

What solutions does the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

The SCHUNCK GROUP creates individual pension plans with the best possible state subsidies.

In-depth summary of our services:

  • Advice on the different implementation methods: Direct insurance, pension scheme, pension fund, pension commitment, provident fund
  • Introduction and implementation of the company pension scheme in the company
  • Use of different pension schemes
  • TSL – Pension scheme for the transport and logistics industry
  • VWKH – Pension scheme for medical professionals
  • Occupational disability insurance (if necessary without health check)
  • Analysis of existing pension schemes
  • Advice for owners and managing directors/board members
  • Employee information events and consultations
  • Evaluation and establishment of group contracts
  • Review and funding of pension commitments
  • Limiting the financial risk of illness or death of an important person in the company
  • Implementation of a company health insurance scheme (if necessary without a health check)
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