Forwarders liability insurance

Forwarders liability insurance for logistics companies

The forwarders liability insurance offers the policyholder protection for his activity as forwarder, carrier or warehouse keeper in his capacity as contractor.

The policyholder may only invoke the benefits of the German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp), in particular the liability limitations set out therein, if he has taken out a corresponding transport liability policy. This is particularly relevant for the warehouseman, who otherwise faces unlimited liability.

For the carrier or freight forwarder working on his own, who engages in domestic road freight transport with a vehicle with a total permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons, transport liability insurance is therefore compulsory. Not having it can lead to considerable fines and to the business licence being withheld.

What are typical risk situations in transport liability insurance?

Transport liability insurance provides insurance cover for the liability of the carrier, freight forwarder or warehouse keeper towards his client, especially for the loss of and damage to the goods handed over to him and for exceeding the delivery deadline. But also “pure financial losses”, i.e. such losses which are not attributable to the loss of or damage to the goods in transit per se, are generally insured in the event of liability.

What are typical examples of damage in transport liability?

  • Damage to transported goods as a result of an accident caused by the carrier
  • Loss of transported or stored goods through theft
  • Incorrect loading by the carrier
  • Delayed delivery of goods transported to their destination
  • Incorrect labelling or scheduling faults made by the forwarding agent or warehouseman

What solutions does the SCHUNCK GROUP offer?

The SCHUNCK GROUP offers its customers modern transport liability insurance solutions to cover their risks. The best-known product is our SLVS-Plus for forwarders and logisticians, and the Carrier Policy (Europa-Plus) for carriers. In addition, we offer a whole range of special solutions, e.g. for removal companies or heavy goods companies. It goes without saying that cover can be tailored to the customer’s individual risk situation (e.g. from logistics contracts).

Special features of SCHUNCK traffic liability policies

The insurance terms and conditions, as well as the limits of the insurance benefits, can be designed in accordance with requirements. The insurance cover of the standard traffic liability policy goes beyond the legal liability and includes the following additional services:

  • Costs of salvage, destruction and removal of the destroyed goods
  • Additional transport costs due to a misrouting

Additional services of the SCHUNCK GROUP

  • Freight examination, forwarding, storage and logistics contracts in conjunction with insurance cover
  • Active risk management in cooperation with the client for loss prevention and reduction
  • Active recourse support to relieve the burden on policies
  • International insurance solutions

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