Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance

“It takes twenty years to build a reputation – and five minutes to lose it.”

This statement by Warren Buffet outlines very clearly the dangers that cyber attacks pose. Cyber crime is extremely lucrative and the fastest growing industry worldwide. Cyber attacks can affect anyone – anywhere, anytime!

To protect our customers against cyber risks, we have created a separate, specialist unit of information security experts – the Cyber Competence Center. As one of the leading industrial insurance brokers in Germany, we know how to insure companies.

Fire insurance in the 21st century

Smoothly functioning IT and global communication are essential for the survival of companies today. A high level of information security is always a management issue and needs top priority. Because: management bodies are fully liable for data loss with their private assets, and regardless of fault.

In the event of a cyber incident, cyber insurance brings order to chaos – it is the fire insurance of the 21st century. The Competence Center Cyber of the SCHUNCK GROUP pursues a holistic approach in information security consulting and the development of compatible insurance solutions for risk transfer.

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SCHUNCK CyberRisk Elite is our comprehensive insurance solution that is individually tailored to the needs of your company and essentially consists of three components:


Cyber-Assistance: Suspicion of a possible cyber incident? Now fast and professional action is required: forensic evidence, identification and closure of the security gap, detection and elimination of the attacker, etc. Cyber-Assistance helps to minimise possible damage scenarios and provides support in implementing the crisis plan, complying with and supporting legal requirements, communicating professionally with customers and partners and maintaining reputation.

Cyber self-damage

Cyber self-damage: Has a cyber attack crippled your IT infrastructure? Has one of your service providers been attacked and are business operations down or impaired? Has confidential data been lost and are expensive consequences looming? The risks of cyber self-damage are multi-faceted, as is the SCHUNCK module – from extortion and theft to IT recovery costs, business interruption damage and much more.

Cyber liability

Cyber liability: The basis of every business operation today is the exchange of data with customers and suppliers. But what happens if you – consciously or unconsciously – damage one of your business partners through a cyber incident? What happens if a cyber-incident makes it impossible for you to meet all or part of your obligations? An indirect claim through recourse due to a third-party cyber incident should also be considered. This is where the SCHUNCK Cyber Liability module comes in.