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Insurance solutions

The right insurance solution for every risk

Our principle is to give neutral advice in the interest of our customers, and for their benefit. As insurance brokers, we act exclusively on behalf of our clients and represent their interests vis-à-vis the insurers. We develop individual concepts tailored to the needs of our clients – nationally and internationally.


There is no such thing as the “right” insurance. Companies and people are unique. They each have different priorities and operate in different risk situations for which they need insurance solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We advise our customers holistically and individually – with 100 percent customer focus. We know that partnerships are formed when something big is at stake. Then, we are there for you. At SCHUNK, we are driven by having active partnerships with customers and insurers throughout our 100-year history.

Construction project insurance

In the combined SCHUNCK construction project insurance, all liability and construction performance insurances required for the construction project are bundled in one product.

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Guarantee insurance

Guarantee insurance is now an alternative to bank insurance. All guarantee requirements in connection with the delivery and performance of a company can also be represented by a guarantee insurance.

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Cyber insurance

In order to protect our customers from cyber risks, we have created our own specialised unit of information security experts – the Competence Cyber Centre.

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Factoring solutions

Factoring is the most important form of short-term corporate financing in Germany alongside bank loans. It guarantees permanent liquidity and just gives companies greater scope for action and planning.

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Liability insurances

Liability insurance policies protect the policyholder and his company from the financial consequences of a legal claim for damages against him.

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Motor vehicle fleet insurance

A motor vehicle fleet insurance covers the different company vehicles, from cars and vans to tractors, truck bodies and trailers with just one insurance Policy.

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Credit and bad debt insurance

Credit insurance or bad debt insurance provides protection against unexpected bad debt losses that severely impair the liquidity of a company or can even lead to its own insolvency.

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Art insurance

We design and offer individually tailored coverage for all risks to which works of art are exposed during transport, storage, exhibitions, and in the private sector.

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Manager Insurance

The SCHUNCK GROUP offers special insurance solutions for managers, such as Managing Directors, Board Members or Supervisory Board Members.

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Property and loss of earnings insurance

If buildings, equipment or supplies are destroyed, damaged or lost as a result of insured property damage, property insurance protects companies from the financial consequences.

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Engineering lines

The umbrella term “engineering insurance” covers various types of insurance whose object is the insurance of property damage or its consequences, as well as loss of earnings.

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Cargo insurance

Whether transport accidents, theft, fire, misdelivery, damage, late delivery or even piracy, customs seizure, strike, terror or war: transporting goods involves a considerable number of risks.

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Transport liability insurance

Transport liability insurance offers the policyholder protection for his activity as a forwarder, carrier or warehouse keeper in his capacity as contractor.

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